Drops of Hope

The birth of a star child is a drastic event.

The processing of such is the basis of my passion for macro photography. The recognition of the great in the small, the discovery of hidden wonders of nature and the acceptance of the unfathomability of creation led me back to life. In countless days and hours spent in the green, I found renewed hope and confidence, courage and zest for life by photographing the inner and outer worlds of raindrops.

Origin Story

Drops of Hope

Tristine, my first macro photograph, was taken on a sad morning. The sky was as gloomy as my thoughts. I sat at the kitchen table and after my second coffee all I wanted to do was go back to bed, pull the covers over my head. My empty gaze stared out the kitchen window as if remotely controlled. Suddenly I found myself in a completely different world. Deep black and beautiful, I saw all my despair in a single little raindrop. Suddenly I was with myself again. Suddenly I felt understood. Suddenly I was no longer alone in my grief. Fascinated and magnetically attracted, I opened the door to the garden and stepped out to capture this gift of nature forever.

Soon I had found in the rain a friend in the loneliness of grief and the hopelessness of parting. Gray rainy days became my allies and gave me the backdrop for countless more photographs. I could participate in life again, had to be awake and present to capture these ephemeral phenomena in the wind, rain and cold. Raindrops became my faithful companions. They were there for me, always and at any time, then when I needed them. Like beings from another time, never asking, expecting nothing, unlike the many good people to whom I no longer found access.

The first images of the series Drops of Hope reflected the first stages of my grieving process. Shock, disbelief, anger, frustration, hopelessness, deep sadness and depression became visible, tangible and experienced. These drops became witnesses to my saying goodbye, to me giving farewell to my star child, Chris († 30/12/2015).

The last picture of this dark phase I titled Monster. In it, I encapsulated the traumatic experience of stillbirth in a single drop for eternity.

Soon after, the images changed.

Dull drops shone, lights became brighter and colors livlier. At first, I barely noticed. The healing phase had begun imperceptibly. But soon it unfolded its full power. The image la nidation stands for the newly discovered hope. My state of mind showed itself in happy, healing pictures.

The takes that followed testify to the newfound courage and confidence. Life takes possession of me again. It shows itself in all its splendor. My friends and companions flow into new forms and intense colors. Great gratitude now fills me. I feel richer and more fulfilled than ever before. I now succeed in staging drops in their most fascinating inner worlds and place them in unusual perspectives.

I am reborn. A passion is born.
Today a rainy day is always also a beautiful day, an ideal day for photography!
Creativity fills me and nourishes me. I want more, more life, more creativity. I find again to the people, the dear old friends. I want to share this with people, my friends, the world.

The whole work Drops of Hope was shown for the first time on February, 3rd 2019 at its own photo exhibition at the premises of the ADC Club Switzerland in Zurich.